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    Refresh and revitalize with this sensual spray mist that gently hydrates the skin while providing an infusion of exotic botanicals. This facial mist delivers a soothing boost of hydration, leaving the skin feeling balanced and energized. Rose is known as the queen of flowers, a divine creation representing love, beauty, purity, and passion. This mist is also infused with hundreds of thousands of nanocrystals (stable water clusters), made from pure H2O, and is prepared with the most advanced water treatment technology on earth. This is what provides that gentle energizing experience during use. Our use of patented nano technology is what separates us from the rest. No other equivalent hydrating mist is available on the market. We invite you to feel the difference. Do not spray directly into eyes. If product enters eye, rinse with water. If irritation occurs, consult an ophthalmologist. Store in a cool, dry place.